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Boysie's RX480 (REF) BIOS 29MH LOW PWR - ETH OR DUAL Mining



  • MetzMetz Member Posts: 126 ✭✭

    Metz said:

    Has anyone tried this ROM with the 12.9.2 Driver?

    I've updated my drivers and the atikmdag.sys is no longer in the .\sys32\drivers folder... well I am not prompted to overwrite the file.

    I went from like 16.8.2 to 16.9.2 and It didn't work until I installed 16.9.1.
    I have a feeling that 16.9.2 didn't install correctly though
    I gave up on 16.9.2 and went back to 16.8.2... as they say - if it works then don't touch it.
  • niubbo1969niubbo1969 Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
    but..... i work with 16.9.1 and work well.....if you use the 16.8.2 you've the problem with the signature of the driver....you must be start in test mode and after you must be disable the signature verify...
    with 16.9.1 i don't have problem, i start and mine.
    the problem is the windows update who chage the driver when update, for this in the next days i test the entreprise version :)
  • CoreolCoreol Member Posts: 30 ✭✭
    edited September 2016
    Yea well... 16.9.1 was working fine under Win 10 - Don't know why, but I decided to update to 16.9.2 and now the OS isn't seeing some of the cards anymore.
  • mjaaaymjaaay Member Posts: 97
    Upgrading Crimson drivers is a hit and miss. Usually you're fine but often you need to DDU in safe mode and in worst case scenarios, reinstall windows (DDU always does the job for me though).
  • letsdancemusicletsdancemusic Member Posts: 13
    Metz said:

    Any ideas why one of my GPU's runs hotter than the others?

    I have tried the followings steps (restarting after most steps):
    Reset WattMan
    Delete GPUs from Device Manager
    Run AMD Cleanup Tool
    Run both CNext setups from AMD extract folder (Radeon settings) and select Remove
    - I find the cleanup tool does not fully uninstall WattMan
    Reinstall AMD drivers
    Boot to safe mode and copy .sys file
    Boot and skip driver checks (option 7)

    Run Claymore
    GPU 0 - 69c, 47% Fan
    GPU 1 - 69c, 64% Fan
    GPU 2 - 69c, 47% Fan

    The air temp is cooler today, usually GPU 1 is well into 70%

    All GPUs are flashed with this low power ROM
    I forced a flash onto the hot GPU but that didn't help cool its core.

    WattTools/WattMan / Polaris BIOS Editor / GPU-z all show the clocks & volts are the same setup.

    I cant work out what's causing one card to run hotter.

    this maybe answer i just read it, your card if mounted on the motherboard or any gpus thats sitting above others get hot and it goes out and above, your outer cards are warming your middle one up more with warmer air from both sides

  • CoreolCoreol Member Posts: 30 ✭✭
    So I've been trying this ROM for 2 days now.
    My Rig is a H97 with 6x480 Ref (XFX) and Win 10.
    I'm using Claymore's 7.1

    The total hashrate flattens after a whole from 163 to 168MH, which makes it an average rate of 27.2 -28 per card.
    I've lowered MEM to 940 using wattman (lower isn't stable for me..)

    The power draw at the wall is about 860-870 Watt.
    Cards are cool at around 69-70C.

    The lower average hash rate comes down to the hash rates jumping up and down per card (26-29.2). Any Idea how to stabilize this?

  • letsdancemusicletsdancemusic Member Posts: 13
    i tried this on my sapphire and just realized it was for a different model now i think i locked my video card out or something how do i get it to work again and how do i flash my sapphire nitro to go faster
  • fredeqfredeq Member Posts: 42
    @letsdancemusic New 4xx series cards dont have dual bios switch?
  • JukeboxJukebox Member Posts: 640 ✭✭✭
    fredeq said:

    @letsdancemusic New 4xx series cards dont have dual bios switch?

    AFAIK only Sapphire Nitro+ have ATM.
  • ETGoHomeETGoHome Member Posts: 36
    Finally had some time to play around with my 480's again, and after playing around with WattTool, I am pleased with the results and here to share. Been going stable for a day now with the 29 lower power rom and tweaking out my WattTool manually. Seems like I get better success underclocking with the voltage offset than manually overclocking the voltages for each state, so I made them all flatline and let the voltage offset do the work.

    See photo for my settings, can't complain for 65w on GPU-Z and 0.8750 VDDC.

    Note: If these settings crashes your computer, then keep increasing the Voltage Offset by +1. So if -10 is too aggressive for your 480 cards, then next test with -9, then -8, and etc. until yours is stable.

  • Zorg33Zorg33 Member Posts: 220 ✭✭
    @fredeq Powercolor Red Devil 470 4GB also have dual bios and also very good cooling (not on memory chips tho).
  • fredeqfredeq Member Posts: 42
    edited September 2016
    Zorg33 said:

    @fredeq Powercolor Red Devil 470 4GB also have dual bios and also very good cooling (not on memory chips tho).

    Thanks for the info, but I was trying more to hint @letsdancemusic to just flip the switch ;)

    @ETGoHome I am not sure if GPU-z power draw is informative in any way...
    There is no way your card is pulling just 66W, it does double that at least
  • tytanicktytanick PolandMember Posts: 66 ✭✭
    edited September 2016
    Anyway have bios that will work on Asus RX480 4GB non-reference ?
    When i try custom bioses the screen is totally shredded :)
    Anyway i modded bios (copyed timings from 1500 to 2000).
    At 1100/2000MHz i have 27,5MH/s at 150 watts (after undervolt)
    Anyway when i try to make 2200MH/s the speed decreses to like 13MH/s.
    Anybody know why ?
    Also anybody could help me getting better results like 28MH at 110 watt ? is it possible ?
    Or 30MH at 140-150 watt ? (watts measured from the wall by watt meter, and this is card onyl, i substracted rest of the system)

    Edit: The problem is only under linux, it takes 150watt while in windows it takes 110 watt :(
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  • tytanicktytanick PolandMember Posts: 66 ✭✭
    Windows: 24,2MH i 103 watt
    Linux: 23,5MH/s i 128 watt

    Anyway, the same clocks core/memory (the same dpm) the same bios in card, and there is 25% watt more in linux.....
    Why ? is linux doesnt undervolt something that windows undervolt ?
    Meaby memory bus voltage isnt working ?
  • Zorg33Zorg33 Member Posts: 220 ✭✭
    VDDCI does not have much effect on power consumption, so it must be something else.
  • tytanicktytanick PolandMember Posts: 66 ✭✭
    I put all 3 cards RX480 4GB asus and i have those results:
    Windows 72,4MH/s and 320 watt whole system from wall
    Linux 74MH/s and 422 watt whole system from wall
  • BlueManBlueMan Member Posts: 16
    I have 1 x Sapphire Nitro+ OC 8GB RX 480, flashed the bios (0) rebooted and reset Wattman but only getting 23~Mh/s and the GPU clock is at 865~ I don't know why it dropped.

    What am I doing wrong? please help
    I am using Crimson 16.9.2
    Win10 Pro
  • boysieboysie Member Posts: 591 ✭✭✭
    BlueMan said:

    I have 1 x Sapphire Nitro+ OC 8GB RX 480, flashed the bios (0) rebooted and reset Wattman but only getting 23~Mh/s and the GPU clock is at 865~ I don't know why it dropped.

    What am I doing wrong? please help
    I am using Crimson 16.9.2
    Win10 Pro

    this bios is not for your card that's what you are doing wrong.
  • lefferalganlefferalgan Member Posts: 21
    Hi guys,

    I use this ROM and i'm around 930w from the wall with 6 GPU, do you think that it can be lower consumption ?

  • Dr_House86Dr_House86 Member Posts: 566 ✭✭✭

    In my opinion this is really low, a wouldn't play around ;)
  • BlueManBlueMan Member Posts: 16
    @boysie Thanks mate I found another rom that matches my card.
    I am still beginner and have a lot to learn.
  • LenneLenne Member Posts: 20
    edited October 2016
    Oh man, wrong thread to post on sorry.
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  • punkshoopunkshoo Member Posts: 22
    edited October 2016

    "@boysie Been running this on my new rig since last weekend. My meter isn't here yet so I dont know the power consumption but she's running super stable pulling in around 112MH/s with 4 Nitro 480s. I'm curious if you ever put out a BIOS ROM for the 31.5MH/s, though. If so, did you find that the increased hashrate was worth the power consumption. We've all got our concerns about PoS and I want to bring down as much ETH as possible before the difficulty bomb. Right now with a box fan pulling the heat away from the rig its stable at around 52-55C and CPU-Z is stating around 95W. I really love this ROM but if I could pull down even 20 more Ether between now and PoS it might be worth the extra cost in power."

    Sorry about that confusion. Any insight on "value" of running higher hashrate/wattage vs this ROM would be much appreciated. Also, a link to the 31MH/s ROM would be amazing, lol.
  • tytanicktytanick PolandMember Posts: 66 ✭✭
    it takes more than 95Watt :)
    I think real watt metter will show you like 130 watts right ?
  • manotrollmanotroll Member Posts: 21
    disponibiliza a bios ae
  • mynickmynick Member Posts: 20
    480 4GB Nitro Elpida strap 1500 - 29mhs

    Edit Bios 1500 to 2000 strap
    1100/2000 mhz
  • un4givenun4given Member Posts: 172 ✭✭
    edited October 2016
    Used boysie settings and modded all 6 cards. Have been running fine on Win 10. Used Watt Tool for settings. But sometime's I get after 4 minutes or after 20 hours a shutdown and after starting windows tells me that Radeon sethings have been restored due to apocalypse in the system. Using 16.9.1 any1 an idea? PC Shutting down means I need to play with gpu voltage?
  • vincent_pvincent_p Member Posts: 1
    Hi, im new to mining and im not able to have 29MH with my RX 480.
    I have reset Wattman before flashing, here is a screenshot :

  • ETGoHomeETGoHome Member Posts: 36
    Here are my settings, been going strong with zero memory errors and about 919 watts at the wall for a 6 rig rx480 with about 173mh/s.

    1.jpg 481.2K
    2.jpg 48.3K
  • ericeric Member Posts: 76
    what brand of 480 do you have?
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